Clickfunnels Review vs leadpage builderall and optimizepress – is that a scam or legit ?

Looking for Clickfunnels review and wondering how to get Clickfunnels discount or what’s the best Clickfunnels pricing plan? in this article, I will share you my honest review and you will know how to get clickfunnels for the best price

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Are you thinking of using ClickFunnels and wondering if this is the right software for you? If so, you are in the right place!

If you are a local business owner, an affiliate, or an e-commerce store owner, Clickfunnels are designed to make your life easier. ClickFunnel, as a drag-and-drop landing page builder, makes it easier than ever to create a great landing page.

And it works best with all kinds of traffic – solo adsemail marketingaffiliate marketing, and blogging  

But several other Landing Page builders have also appeared recently and have offered Clickfunnels a chance to run for their money.

I am fully aware of how scary it can be to spend time comparing products and making the decision to buy one to discover that it’s not what you expected …

That’s why I did a thorough and honest analysis to try to give you everything you need to know to choose the best option for you. Because guess what? Clickfunnels is not for everyone!

What is ClickFunnels?

It is a software developed four years ago by Russel Brunson and the partners he works with. ClickFunnels has been one of the first landing page builders to offer natural drag-and-drop capabilities, allowing users to create sales funnels quickly.

The Clickfunnels is a program that facilitates and speeds up the creation of various types of web pages without sacrificing quality and conversion potential.

The successful use of Clickfunnels does not require any prior experience with programming or web design.

This Clickfunnels is essentially an application designed to help you capture more prospects, generate more sales, and increase the lifetime value of each of your current and future customers.

Clickfunnels is a funnel builder for online sales. It can be used as an alternative to your blog or website or beyond. This enables inexperienced and experienced online marketers to quickly and easily create high and clean conversion rate sales funnels without the need for programming or design skills. If you do not have a website, Clickfunnels is the perfect way to create a live sales funnel without the costs of producing or hosting a website. You will have a custom domain for all the funnels you create.

Is ClickFunnels good for business?

ClickFunnels is a favorite sales funnel tool that simplifies all sales and marketing funnels for all types of businesses. There are different types of sales funnels, and you have to design and organize each one to attract the desired customer. There are sales funnels, webinars, membership sites, and subscriber lists, each of which is different from each other.

ClickFunnels treats users with different predefined sales funnels. They select the ideal solution for the needs of the business. Asking for an eBook and selling a subscription may be similar to those trying to generate a sale, but you must treat them separately. ClickFunnels increases the configuration of your sales funnel and saves you time and effort to start creating your sales funnels from the beginning.

After selecting your funnel, you must have a template. ClickFunnels will treat you with tons of templates, and they are all tested and proven to work well. With several proven templates at your disposal, ClickFunnels speeds up the A / B test phase because you do not have to eliminate templates that do not work.

With a nice, easy-to-use template, you can easily embed clocks, videos, animations, and more into your templates, and then run your A / B tests to see what’s working and what’s not working.

Before Clickfunnels, people used applications such as Leadpages or had to develop sales pages using HTML; there was a time when every Internet sales page looked like this.

oldschool sales page

Notice the beach in the background or the fake arrows drawn by hand? This was a thriving sales page at one point.

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What does Clickfunnels do?

Clickfunnels enables you to create sales funnels, landing pages, upsells and downsells and quickly create membership sites.

ClickFunnels also integrates with Stripe, Paypal and many other types of payment processors. This has made ClickFunnels a service for online marketers because it easily accepts online payments.

Suppose, for example, that you are a health and wellness coach, that you offer an online course and that you do one on one consulting. Using Clickfunnels, you can send traffic to your sales page (also called landing page) and get people to opt-in your e-mail list.

Once you have succeeded, you can allow them to get a free eBook or buy your course. If they decide to buy the course, they will receive an extra page to follow one of their courses. You can do everything right on Clickfunnels without having a website or paying for additional software.

Clickfunnels also allows with its analysis software, where you can see how your sales page is flourishing. It also helps you test your sales pages very quickly to optimize your pages for more leads and sales.

What integrations do they offer?

Although ClickFunnels has your e-mail service provider via Actionetics, it also seamlessly integrates with the best existing e-mail marketing program.

For payment gateways, ClickFunnels integrates with, Stripe, Paypal, Clickbank, Infusionsoft and a few others. The only disadvantage of using Paypal is that it does not support single offers or single sales. That’s why Stripe is a better option.

Is ClickFunnels a scam?

ClickFunnels receives negative feedback because of all the affiliates who are trying to promote it.

But no, ClickFunnels is not a scam. This is the real deal.

It’s a great tool with a fantastic affiliate opportunity. Many online marketers use ClickFunnels to create 6- to 7-digit businesses.

When people ask, “How can I create a sales funnel?” ClickFunnels is the best option. No other program can currently do all that ClickFunnels does.

What is a sales funnel?

Before you start getting into this review, it’s essential to understand the importance of sales funnels and its function in generating maximum profit.

The goal of creating a sales funnel is to get an e-mail from potential customers. Relate getting an e-mail with getting a girl’s phone number. This is the biggest step in establishing a successful relationship.

But just like getting a girl’s phone number does not mean you are going to seal the deal, receiving an e-mail from someone does not guarantee that you will make a sale, but will maximize your chances!

The sooner you get the e-mail, the sooner you can begin to build a relationship with the potential buyer and pre-sell them to your product or service.

Like a good book or movie, you had like to create an emotional bond with your audience and turn it into a vital boom in creating the gold standard of the economic motto: trust. Once you have gained the trust of the visitor, it is much easier to make a purchase decision.

From there, the sales funnel method requires you to send the buyer to a sales page. The sales page must be unique, the one you have specially designed and formatted so that people can not wait to part ways with their money for a purchase.

Most of the time, a given sales page consists of a captivating title, accompanied by relevant videos or images, as well as points providing a quick but informative reference on how the purchase would contribute to your life. All of this will work in ways that keep the visitor happy and, hopefully, purchase your product.

Once your customer has to input their credit card and purchase your product, this is the best time to continue the trip with that nice and warm feeling he has and offer him special single or additional One Time Offers (OTO) and other types of upsells and downsells.

The idea is to increase the profits of each customer. Let’s take a look at this:

Suppose your company records a 10% conversion rate for each person visiting your sales funnel. Suppose now that this article is worth $ 10 per pop, generating a net profit of $ 5. You will get an average of ten sales and a profit of 50 USD for every one hundred visitors.

But what will happen if you can upsell 30% of your customers since they decide to spend $ 10 for an additional item, while an additional 10% will sign up for an annual $ 500 fee?

It can explode your mind after crunching the numbers.

Now, for every 100 visitors visiting your sales funnel, you’ll sell ten items, a trio of additional items, and a single annual fee. This translates to a profit of $ 600, which translates into a whopping 1200% profit increase.

Increased profit margins will now allow you to leverage more than your competitors in critical areas, such as ads, which will further increase the number of leads that will go directly into my sales funnel.

With so many different types of retail stores available, it’s essential to create a solution that’s right for your business model. Previously, this task was difficult and difficult to implement with Clickfunnels.

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How does Clickfunnels work?

With ClickFunnels, several qualities put you above others. Let’s talk about them one after the other.

Of course, let’s start with the basics – ClickFunnels works, and it does what it says he will do. It creates complete sales funnels for users, allowing them to drive buyers and prospects similar to these sales funnels as soon as you’ve created them.

Also, it allows users to process payments, offers a flexible page builder the ability to create custom creative pages, features such as an autoresponder and an affiliate management tool, allows downsells and upsells, etc.

And that’s just the beginning.

Also, ClickFunnels allows you to configure your conversion pages very quickly and easily. Also, Clickfunnels offers integrated e-mail marketing software. This allows you to seamlessly synchronize your sales pages with your e-mail follow up and get rid of messaging applications such as MailChimp and Aweber. With this automation, you can also free up most of your time to focus on the essentials of developing your business!

ClickFunnels allows you to perform A / B tests on each of your pages in your funnel. Also, you can create membership sites using ClickFunnels. Once your prospects are registered, they will be able to access unique parts of the service you have created and maintained.

Not only that, but ClickFunnels also has integrations with PayPal and Stripe. With this, you can accept the payment of services, membership sites, or products that you provide to your clients and customers.

What does all this mean?

Create an entire business on Clickfunnels! You do not need to have a separate website and pay for hosting because this is included in Clickfunnels.

You can also leverage resources to manage, pay, and recruit your affiliates. And, of course, you’ll have access to all the analytics and metrics you need to analyze performance, campaign, sales, and processing conversions, as well as A / B test results.

The main goal of Clickfunnels is to use the software to maximize how much each customer involved spends while engaging in your product or service and turn it into a big potential expense.

What do I like?

Beautiful funnel plants

clickfunnels review

Clickfunnels comes with a complete database of superbly prefabricated templates. They only take a few minutes to set up and are easy to use.

Clickfunnels are also a market where you can buy and sell free or paid templates. But do not worry, buying templates is not necessary for most people. There is a wide variety of free pre-created templates.

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Easy to use, visual drag-and-drop editor

Anyone who has ever used any landing page software will appreciate the Clickfunnels drag-and-drop editor. The time to make small adjustments and constantly relaunch the sales page to ensure that the settings appear as you wish is over.

With the Clickfunnels editor, all the settings you make will be identical when you open the page. This lets you escape from a lot of frustration and time.

Many features to choose From

The elements, also called widgets, are the teeth of the sales channel that allow you to customize your sales page.

This is another powerful feature that places Clickfunnels in a category as it comes with many powerful widgets with which other landing pages are not compatible.

Things like SMS signup, surveys, price charts, progress bars, Facebook comments, FAQ blocks, countdown timers, and custom HTML can help conversions and ultimately you to make even more money.

Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels

Before diving into some real examples, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using the ClickFunnels app.


  • Cost-effective (basic membership is $ 97 / month and has everything you need)
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality
  • You can integrate ClickFunnels with WordPress sites/custom domains
  • Can be combined with Stripe to receive payments easily
  • Legitimate page builder – you can see the adjustments as you make them
  • Can be integrated with Convertkit or other e-mail providers to send automated e-mails
  • Can be used to market digital or physical products
  • The support is excellent; they often create video screenshots just for you.
  • membership area functionality
  • You can share funnels between different people (business opportunity to create funnels).
  • Has a complete splitting test tool that allows you to split test different pages and declare the winner.
  • Many FREE pre-created templates that you can use and customize immediately
  • Conversion tracking statistics to compare offers to convert the best
  • E-mail integration for complete marketing automation


  • It can be confusing at times if you are a beginner Internet marketer
  • It’s more software that requires you to spend more time learning
  • When ClickFunnels collapses, your landing page collapses too
  • URLs can be deleted if you use a free domain.
  • The support is excellent, but the answer may take a few hours.

As you can see, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Some limitations are quite complicated, including URL confusion, but it’s more of individual preference than something else. I know people will choose many other landing page builders, including Thrive Architect by Thrive Themes. For me, I discovered that the funnel step integration is one of the simplest funnel software to design.

With Thrive Architect, you have to create the page, then link the following pages in sequence, and its all done within WordPress. Although I like Thrive and its themes, I think that ClickFunnels is intrinsically more comfortable to use than TA, but its cost is monthly.

ClickFunnels Pricing

Over time, ClickFunnels has developed its pricing plans. At first, they had three different price levels, but they have now been grouped into two separate planes.

So, how much does ClickFunnels cost now?

ClickFunnels Pricing

Currently, the cheapest plan for ClickFunnels is $ 97 / month. In this plan, you have access to all funnel building tools, but you can only create 20 funnels, 20,000 visitors, and 100 pages. Also, you do not have access to the Backpack, which allows you to create your affiliate program and Actionetics, your integrated e-mail service provider.

To access it, you must use the Etison Suite package. It includes everything, plus you have an unlimited number of funnels, visitors, and pages. However, it will cost $ 297 a month.

+ Backpack that allows you to have your affiliate program and track sales and clicks of your affiliates to tell you how much you should give to your affiliate referral partners

+ Actionetics that will allow you to create smart action funnels that do not only send e-mails, but also let you know which channels your viewers are coming from, targeting them according to what they do and what they are.

As it works, there is no ClickFunnels promo code currently available. However, you can buy Funnel Hacks for $ 997, which offers six months of free Etison Suite with some extra gifts. This reduces the cost to $ 166.16 per month.

ClickFunnels saves you from stress to try the service with the 14-day free trial. It’s unlimited in all respects, allowing you to do a full test of the program before you fully commit.

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Which plan suits me best?

The best plan should meet the needs of your business

If you are not sure, I will recommend starting with full Etison Suite plan (you can go back to the starter plan at the end of the trial).

Starter Plan will restrict you from having more than 20 funnels; it does not add the e-mail autoresponder (Actionetics) and does not include the ability to configure your affiliate program (Backpack). This plan is the best for you if you want to get started in affiliate marketing or if you are starting, and you own small business.

Enterprise Plan is unlimited in the number of funnels, has a backpack, and includes Actionetics.

  • No limit to the total number of funnels or traffic, this is perfect for serious internet marketing.
  • In some cases, it is best to have an e-mail autoresponder. You can combine Clickfunnels with most third-party autoresponders. Once you evolve, having an external e-mail autoresponder can become a huge expense that can be saved by Actionetics.
  • A Backpack is also a great tool in the highly configurable affiliate program; This is what Clickfunnels itself uses for its affiliate program.
  • Funnel Hacks is, without a doubt, the best offer (recommended), it gives you:
  • Six months of access to the entire Etison Suite plan
  • This plan can save a lot of money for a company that uses a variety of third-party tools, which you can integrate using the full package.

Instant traffic hacks, which is a comprehensive training course on different alternatives to route traffic to your funnels. Although you can have the best website, the best products and the best funnels in the world, you will not earn a dime if you do not get traffic.

  • Funnel Hack Master class that explains how to hack a funnel, how Clickfunnels works, how to generate a product quickly, and how to build all of the most common funnel types to take you up and running with the proper funnel.

Soap & Seinfield Email Sequences is intended to teach you to generate an initial sequence of Soap Opera to create a relationship with your mailing list and then establish a Seinfield mail sequence in progress to engage your list and open your e-mails. Your e-mail list is an important asset that most businesses do not detect or implement correctly.

  • Inception Secrets is a comprehensive course on how to improve a product and complete scripts for each of the important types of funnels and comprehensive training on how to create and implement them.

How do the Clickfunnels Fare Against the competitors?

As the saying goes, there are different traits for different people, and the same goes for ClickFunnels and other alternatives such as LeadPages, SamCart, Rainmaker, etc. Here’s how Clickfunnels compares to the rest:

ClickFunnels vs LeadPages

LeadPages can be described as a market leader in landing page design and has gained unprecedented popularity. However, its scope is rather insufficient compared to ClickFunnels.

Although you are able to quickly find yourself with a compelling landing page to help you collect leads, it will not satisfy you when it comes to selling a product or service. If you could remember, LeadPages strength is in lead generation (as its name suggests), but leave the sales to funnel bit to ClickFunnel.

ClickFunnels Vs. SamCart

As for SamCart, this remarkable product allows me to evoke some of the most attractive pages that also have a high conversion rate. So, how is it different from ClickFunnels?

Here’s the difference: SamCart is designed to be easily configured and sold, offering support for Paypal and Stripe, with 17 types of customizable payment page templates. However, the degree of flexibility offered by the ClickFunnel drag-and-drop editor is not matched. In other words, ClickFunnels can design just about any payment page I want.

I would not want to be limited by the customizations and pre-created templates required by Samcart. Also, you may find that Samcart is not able to capture leads and create complete sales funnels.

Samcart and ClickFunnels cost $ 97 per month; the flexibility of ClickFunnels is an advantage.

ClickFunnels Vs. Rainmaker

Honestly, I can not say much about Rainmaker, but I know other marketers who use it. People who have launched to make great products, but again, the only benefit I see in Rainmaker is if you have decided to host everything in your hosting account. I think it’s a little easier for everyone to organize everything, that’s what ClickFunnels does.

ClickFunnels Vs. MemberMouse

MemberMouse is one of the most powerful membership site platforms I’ve encountered. With other popular membership solutions, such as Teachable or Thinkific, they host your content in the cloud. But with MemberMouse, you are in charge of organizing everything yourself, and you get a lot of resources for the service you have paid, but remember that you agree with the all the hosting, etc. If anything goes sideways with the backend or hosting, or membership privileges of your customers … it’s up to you to fix it.

Is Clickfunnels worth it?

So you have it. If you have accessed this page simply because you are comparing ClickFunnels with LeadPages or ClickFunnels vs. SamCart, you now know everything you need to know to make your decision.

Although LeadPages, SamCart, MemberMouse, and RainMaker are useful tools that have their strengths, we have found that ClickFunnels is the best complete tool for businesses.

Clickfunnel complaints

Bad part 1: Adding a funnel can be slow

Choosing a funnel type and template and adding to your account takes up to ten seconds each time. I know this is not a problem. However, these are breastfeeding issues.

Bad Part 2: Creating a funnel and visitor limits

The ClickFunnels basic package includes a limit of twenty channels, 100 pages and 20,000 visitors per month. It sucks when we look at it at first.

But when you think about it, if you receive 20,000 visitors a month, you can easily afford to opt for the upgraded unlimited plan.

Bad Part 3: The learning curve can be steep

Although ClickFunnels offers a wide range of options and features, it’s a bit discouraging for new users. Although the general interface of ClickFunnels is excellent, some tests are necessary to create several funnels before mastering the situation.

I know I did.

Final thoughts

ClickFunnels is a leading software that offers immense value to its users. From fully automated, easy-to-create funnels to the ability to track and test conversion to improve results, ClickFunnels offers many benefits to its members.

One of the key features of ClickFunnels is that they offer a 14-day free trial to members to get started with the application learning process and implement it in their business. For a recently launched business, the 14-day free trial is the best time to work on free training and learn as much as you can about what ClickFunnels has to offer.

ClickFunnels is an excellent choice if you want a reliable company offering many opportunities for novice and experienced entrepreneurs.



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